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Welcome to the home of South Africa's premium milkshake bar... A dream like journey where sweet treats, chocolate bear hugs, rivers of milk, soft marshmallow fuzziness, little fairy kisses and candy coated love, lives in our reality.

With over 100 branded products to choose from, to mix into your milkshake, ranging from chocolate bars to cookies, candy, cereals, fruit, spreads and even cakes. The combinations are literally endless. The journey is fun yet cool and of the highest quality with consistency being a priority. Kids have an incredible time selecting the treats that they eat on a regular basis and turn it into a milkshake, adults reminisce on their childhood flavours, and us, we love making milkshakes and seeing you sip and smile, fall in love with the MyShake milkshake,
it’s a Tasty Love Story.

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The Gold Rock

Ferrero Rocher & Nutella topped with whipped cream, nuts and a chocolate sauce

Luxurious Lindor

  • White Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Hazelnut
  • Caramel
luxury milkshake

It all starts with a cow called Maya Moo. She was just like all the other cows in her village, except for one thing, she despised the taste of grass, a daily treat for most but Maya Moo had dreams of tastier delicacies. One day after a lunch that consisted of grass and more grass, Maya Moo sighed in a state of sorrow.

She couldn’t believe she was subjected to a life where her taste buds dreaded every meal. Her sadness fell heavily over her like a blanket and sent her into a very deep sleep. Now I don’t know what you have experienced of dreams before, but they can be pretty magical if the mind so allows. On that fateful day Maya Moo had a dream like no other. Maya Moo was transported into a field where the aromas were far from the grassy muddiness she was used to. Quite the opposite, Maya Moo was surrounded by the sweetest of sweets. All around her she saw melted marshmallow treetops, flower petals dripping in strawberry stickiness and cheerful chocolate pools everywhere! Maya Moo jumped for joy - she couldn’t believe such delicacies existed - she tried every candy and sweet treat in the field. When she awoke from her blissful dream, Maya Moo was even more forlorn for she had fallen in love with the sweetest delights that she feared she would never get to taste again. A few days later it was time for milking and something incredible happened. Maya Moo’s romance for the sweeter things in life had given her magical powers to produce the most delicious milkshakes anyone had ever tasted. Maya Moo became the most famous cow in all the land, her milkshakes were the stuff of dreams. Maya Moo passed on her legacy to all her children - today that legacy lives on in every MyShake we make. Fall in love with MyShake milkshake – It's a Tasty Love Love Story.